Is she secretly into BDSM?

I am not sure about my girlfriend, and I really don’t know what she gets up to when I am not around. She is one the sexiest girls I have ever met, but there are days when I feel there is a darker side to her as well. I am not sure what tis darker side is all about, but I have this feeling she into BDSM. One of her best friends at Manor Park escorts is really into it, and I do think they spend time together.

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So far I have not noticed any marks on her body or anything like that, but she does really seem to like strange this. She keeps wearing this wrist band which is all made of leather and it does have little studs on it. I am not sure but I think it is a sign that she into BDSM. A couple of the other girls from Manor Park escorts wear themselves, and I do they are into BDSM in a big way.

How do I feel about girlfriend? I do love her a lot but I am worried about the fact that she might be into BDSM. It is not the sort of thing I would enjoy at all, and the very thought of my girlfriend being into worries me a lot. What if she wanted me to attend a BDSM session with her? I am not sure I would be able to handle that at all. The other girls at Manor Park escorts may be into BDSM as well, and it would worry me if they wanted to join.

This is the first time I have dated a girl from an escort service in London. We met in this bar, and I have to say my girlfriend did not tell me very much about herself. She suggested that we have this one night stand, and I could not believe my lick. It was not until she got me home she told me she worked for Manor Park escorts. By then I was so excited that I did not care, but I am not sure I would have gone home with my girlfriend if I would have known she worked for Manor Park escorts.

Now I am kind of hooked on my girlfriend. She says she loves to spend time with me. Apart from great sex, she is actually a lot of fun to be with, but I am not sure it is enough. I like my girlfriend to be totally honest with me, but I am not sure she will ever be. She is one of those girls who go through life on a wing and a prayer. That may be fine for her but I am not sure that I could live my life like that. Sure, she is hot and sexy, and I always wanted a girlfriend who is as sexy as she is, but at the same time, I think that there needs to be a little bit more to life. Hopefully I will be able to find that with my girlfriend.

Porn is Boring Now

Why has porn become so boring all of a sudden? A few years ago, I used to think that porn was rather boring, but now I have changed my attitude massively. Porn seems to be everywhere these days, and I am sure that most people sort of experience that they are on porn overload. We even have members of the British army who seems to think that it is okay to make the most out of porn. That all seems a little bit strange to me, but perhaps I am stuck in the mud.


A couple of the girls here at Woodford escorts have been heavily involved in porn in the past. It seems like they get a real kick out of it, and want to continue their porn careers. A few of the girls are really into stuff like erotic modeling and think it is fun. Well, they would have to think that it is fun as erotic modeling does not really pay you a lot of money. I would not be happy to be paid about just about 50 bucks per hour to do some erotic modeling.

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Being a professional porn star is not as exciting as it used to be neither. If you look at porn movies now, you will see a lot of them are rather pathetic. Gang banging seems to be very popular but that is not for me at all. Like I say to my dates here at Woodford escorts, I cannot find anything that turns me on about a gang bang at all. It is pure fantasy, and I am sure that it does not happen too often.


When I first started to watch porn movies way before I joined Woodford escorts, I thought that they were kind of sensual. You don’t get any of that now. The influence from amateur porn videos can be heavily felt in the industry, and I am not sure that private porn has done professional porn any favors at all. Most porn actresses are now often thought of as cheap tarts, and that is really not want the porn industry in the UK or elsewhere used to be all about.


I think that we need to have a rethink when it comes to porn. It does not matter if you are porn star or an erotic model, you are still involved in the porn industry. To earn a little bit of respect, I think that we need to get a bit more professional. The porn industry cleaned itself about ten years ago, but now we seem to be back to where we started again. Even some London escort services have a bit of a bad name, and that is not really on. Fortunately, we have been spared that at Woodford escorts, but I am not sure that we will always manage to stay way being tarred by the same brush as some of the cheaper London escort services.  Hopefully, our boss will look after our agency,



Canary Wharf escorts Prefer Average Size

From observation Canary Wharf escorts of do not like having sex with men with large sized penises; they complain that the bigger the penis, the longer it takes for them to ejaculate. Obviously, these people ate into business so they want to finish with one client and serve the next to earn more money. The men with big penises are therefore seen as a waste of time. From experience, others say that a big penis will hurt them as it penetrates to the deepest end hence causing some discomfort during sex. However there are others who don’t mind having sex with a man who has a big penis because the feel that by the penis touching the walls and having a deep penetration gives them more pleasure. Men with big penises are not as many as people tend to think, most of them are average size which is what Canary Wharf escorts prefer or rather smaller because they believe that the smaller the penis the lesser the harm to their bodies. Having sex with a man with a big penis has its pros and cons:

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Sex is all about pleasure although for the Canary Wharf escorts it is for both money and pleasure. When you don’t feel the penis inside, it can be boring and becomes a disappointment to one party, the female. The big penis however penetrates and you can really feel it in there.
Having sex with a man with a long penis gives you the pleasure to try any sex position as opposed to the small sizes where some positions are impossible. A man with a long penis can do any move as long as he is flexible enough.
Canary Wharf escorts love confident men; it is pretty obvious that a man has a lot of self-confidence when he has a large penis compared to those with small sizes who are often made fun of.
Blow jobs are fun as you can be able to play around with the penis.

Canary Wharf escorts always complain about the large sized penises because they fear that their inner tissues will be hurt during the intercourse and considering that they have to sleep with many men, they end up rejecting them.
After having sex with a large sized man , chances of frequently being infected with sexually transmitted infections becomes very high and you are always rushing to the bathroom to pee and sometimes it can result to inflammation.
A large penis makes one feel uncomfortable during the intercourse and times it can tear the vagina
For the lovers of anal sex it can be very tricky or even dangerous for them because it can cause anal prolapse and therefore it becomes very scary.
In this regard, it is evident that being a commercial sex worker cannot work with large sizes but the average size is convenient. Although large sized men are not easy to find, the available ones seem to be putting people off as they are scared of being hurt and taking too long in the act. They want to do quick business and offer their services to others.