Bad Dates with Escorts

Out of all the gents that I have dated at London escorts, I am surprised that I have not experienced more bad dates, or dates that have gone wrong. Not all sensual encounters go right when you work for a London escorts service. Sometimes it is down to the escort, but a lot of the time, it is just a matter of circumstance. These days, there are so many criteria that you are expected to meet that there is little wonder things to do go wrong.

Some of the gents that I meet at London escorts do not speak English that well. We have so many international visitors to London that you have to make sure that you try to accommodate everybody. That is actually the hardest part of the job. Many of the foreign gents that I meet at London escorts have a different idea on what should happen on a date, and that may not be how London escorts work at all. There are some things that I would not dream of doing.

Other times outside factors go wrong. Taking London escorts on dinner dates is very popular, but you do risk things going wrong. I have met some gents who are really reluctant to book the best restaurants in London for business dinner dates. Most restaurants are happy to accommodate you, but they may not offer the right kind of service. I have been in places which I would personally never have booked up for dinner business dates.

The other thing is the time factor. One of the girls that I work with here at London escorts said that a good date is a bit like a good haircut, but you are not going to get the perfect cut immediately. Sometimes it will take time for the hairdresser to get to know you and your hair. Dating with London escorts is a bit like that. It takes time to get to know a gent and you just need to be able to acknowledge that. At times gents can be very demanding and expect a lot out of a date.

So what do we girls say when things go wrong? I have stopped saying sorry a long time ago. Most of the time the fate of the date is not up to me. I do have a chat to my friends at London escorts about the date, but I don’t make such a big deal out of it. Whatever job you do, you just have to say that things are going to go wrong from time to time.

Does it matter? It does matter, but if you were to bury yourself under blame, you would never succeed as a London escorts. When all is said and done, we are only human after all. I always do my best, and I know that my colleagues here at London escorts do the same. It is good that we have each other, so that we have somebody to talk to after the date, but most of the time we just carry on.

Mémoires of a mature escort

I am not ready to leave London escorts just yet. Okay, I am actually 40 years old but I still enjoy working for London escorts. The thing is that I know that I am not the only one. Many of the girls who get into escorting when they are young, have a hard time leaving London escorts. Also the escort scene in London has changed a lot. Many mature gents like to meet up with mature London escorts. Let me tell you, that is something totally different.

When I first got involved with London escorts, most gents wanted to date young girls. All of that has changed, and there are a lot of gents about who like to meet up with more mature London escorts. The truth is that many girls who work for London escort services do not have a lot of experience, and that is just one of the many reasons gents like to date mature London escorts. Of course, just like ladies, some men appreciate a bit of slower hand as well.

One of the things that I miss about when I first started dating with London escort, are the longer dates. These days, a lot of gents would like a date to last for only 45 minutes. I really don’t get a kick out of that at all, and I am sure that they feel rather rushed as well. During my early days with London escorts about 20 years ago, many dates used to last all night. That seldom happens now and I think that a lot of gents don’t know what they are missing out on. If I had my way, I would insist on longer dates. Why be in a hurry when you can have so much fun together? I think that some things in life should be savoured.

Business dating has changed since I became a London escort. Now we are expected to sit down and join gents when they have meals with their business colleagues. That is something new to me and many of the other mature London escorts. Going to parties used to be the thing, and I am sure that most mature London escorts still prefer dating that way. It was a totally different social experience, and I do really miss it. Like everything else, I am sure that it will come back one day again.

If you want to date a more mature lady from London escorts, don’t hesitate to ask your London escorts service about mature escorts. It is not only more senior gents who enjoy our company but younger gents also seem to enjoy our company. Honestly, I think it has to do with experience. Younger gents seem to be more relaxed around mature escorts in London. We have that confidence that men of all ages find so sexy. Would you like to know a secret? When I want to have a really good time, I date a mature male London escort. Does that not tell you everything that I need to know…

Confessions Of A Professional Escort

If you pass me on the street or sit opposite me on the train you would never know that I work as an escort. I am paying my way through college by dating men, and sometimes women for money.

I remember my first time working as an escort. I was nervous as I really had no idea what I was doing. I only charged my date $150 because I hadn’t a clue what the going rates were. We met in a bar. I remember he walked straight up to me and told me I was more beautiful than my picture. I smiled already more at ease. He was an attractive man and oozed confidence. Not at all what I had expected. While we were having a drink, he put his hand up my skirt and placed his finger inside me. I was startled and excited by his daring and directness. His eyes held mine in a sultry challenging way.

We went to a room in the hotel and he placed the money we had agreed on the counter. I was shaking because I was so nervous. But he was a man of the world clearly and was in total control. “Strip” he commanded and I nervously undressed, exposing my body slowly. He was looking at me like a lion might look at his next meal. I was surprised by the thrill of pleasure I felt under his hungry gaze

He admired me and slowly walked around me my naked body. I could see he was aroused at the sight of me as I stood completely naked in the middle of this strange hotel room. He came closer to me and touched my breasts gently and tweaked my nipples tenderly. “Is it your first time?” he whispered huskily into my ear. I could feel his breath on my neck and couldn’t manage to get any words out so I just nodded and looked into his eyes.

He led me over to the bed and instructed me to spread my legs wide. As I lay there on the bed he undressed with his eyes fixed between my legs. When he was naked he slipped between my thighs. The thrill of his hardness inside was me entirely startling. After he finished he rolled over and lay beside me.

That seems like a long time ago. Now I work as a high end and love to indulge in the pleasure that doing risky things and living a double life gives me.

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