Provide Safe Browsing for your Child

In order to keep your child safe on the internet, you should find a site filter. A site filter will examine every site that is loaded while your child is on the internet and if it contains offensive material such as racism, hate, or violence, it will be blocked so your child cannot see it. If the website your child is trying to access is an online gambling site, or an online porn site, it will be blocked as well. Do a search for a 'site filter' today and see what you find! There are many reputable programs that will do this for you.

Family Cyber Alert

Family Cyber Alert (Version 4.51 CD+download): Parental Control & Keylogger & Internet Monitoring & Computer Monitoring & PC Monitoring & Chat Monitoring & Online Monitoring & Web Filter & Keystroke Logger & Key Logger & Prevent Cyber Bullying & Time Control. The latest version from the maker of the software with free future updates and premium technical support. Works with Windows 7

An All-In-One PC/Internet Activity Surveillance and Monitor. Stop Online Predators and Protect Your Family from Harm.
CNET Editor's 5 Star Rating: A watchful eye for the whole family.
Monitor computer activities by logging keystrokes, chat sessions, Web sites, screen shots, et al.
Provides powerful recording, blocking, and report tools with extreme ease of use. With Family Cyber Alert, you will be able to SEE EXACTLY what your family members have been doing online and offline.

Monitor Your Child's Chat Online

If you allow your child to chat online, then you may want a site filter so your child does not have the potential to accidentally come across a chat room that may have predators in it. Realistically, your child probably should not be chatting online because your child needs human interactivity, but if for some reason you choose to let your child chat online, it's always best to go onto a search engine and look for a 'chat logger' or something similar. You never know, your child might be giving information away that could possibly cause you and your family harm in the future.

You Can Also Log Your Child's Internet Activity

Would you like to know what websites your child is accessing, without having to look over his or her shoulder the whole time he or she is on the computer? With the ability nowadays to monitor and log web activity, it is now very simple to see what websites your child has accessed while you were out of the room or away from your home or something like that. There are many web loggers on the internet today, so be sure to check a few of them out, check out their reviews, and choose the one that best suits your needs. We can't tell you what to get, only where to get them!

MySpace 4 Parents Product Description (helpful with Facebook as well due to similarities)

Parents today should know what their kids are doing on MySpace but poor computer skills and MySpace complexity intimidates them into inaction. With MySpace 4 Parents, if you can turn your computer on and off, use a keyboard and mouse and get on the internet, you are already qualified to use this book to become a MySpace expert.
Book Description
Parents today feel they should know more about what their kids are doing online on MySpace but many times the lack of general computer skills and the knowledge of specific ins and outs of how to get around MySpace intimidates them into inaction. In MySpace 4 Parents the author, Marc Harris, starts from the beginning. If you can turn your computer on and off, use a keyboard and mouse and get on the internet, you are already qualified to use this book to become a MySpace expert.

MySpace 4 Parents leads the reader through setting up a MySpace account to learn all of the privacy safeguards that are built into the MySpace system and then explains common sense guidelines for going beyond the standard safety setup. Parents can then use their newly acquired knowledge and help their kids apply it to their MySpace accounts.

MySpace 4 Parents doesn't assume that all family relationships work smoothly enough to allow every parent to sit down with their teen and reset privacy settings on the teen's account. Readers of the ebook MySpace 4 Parents will not only understand MySpace better, but they will know how to access pictures, videos, blogs and comments left on their child's MySpace pages to help them monitor their child's activities.

Since every reader learns differently, the ebook comes with six online videos in multiple formats that shows all the steps to view sections of a MySpace account in detail, no matter the readers computer skill level. Video lessons allows parents without extensive computer skills to walk visually through the steps so that understanding of complex procedures comes more easily.
Chapters are broken down to "What Parents Need to Know", "What Your Child Needs to Know", "Monitoring Your Child's Community", "Explaining the Different Main Areas of MySpace", a summary of steps to take to protect your child and extensive resources on both MySpace and online child safety in general.

Many parents assume that the major danger to their children are pedophiles and other sexual predators. MySpace 4 Parents covers this obvious problem in depth with numerous tips to keep a teen from being a target. However, there are extensive explanations on dangers that parents may not realize could be to happening to their child online, such as cyberbullying and inappropriate content.